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Shore Break

"Opening of the TraveArt" (Travemünde Aktuell)
"Stars, Erotic and Sea" (Piste Lübeck)
"traveART allures art collectors" (MAGAZIN LÜBECKER BUCHT)
"Premiere for the Traveart" (LN-Online)
"Stars, Erotic and Sea" (Szene Lübeck)
"traveART in Travemünde" (StrandBlick)
"Models covered with waves" (Lübecker Nachrichten)
"Exceptional photos that captivate the viewer" (piste Luebeck)
"Sensual sirens in the depths of the sea" (Szene Luebeck)
"Erotic versus nature" (JOURNAL FRANKFURT)
"The aesthetics of feminine bodies" (FRIZZ Frankfurt)
"Photo odyssey across the seas of the world" (FRANKFURT-MAIN-AKTUELL)
"Sensual sirensn" (FRANKFURT MiX am Mittwoch)
"The most spectacular waves of the world" (frankfurt-interaktiv.de)
"A dress of salty sea water" (Toplum Hessen)
"The energy of the water" (HafenCity Hamburg)
"The pictures are so atmospheric, how it will bear the water world"
(Frankfurter Neue Presse)
"Tender woman bodies and harsh forces of nature" (Frankfurter Rundschau)
"Large-scale maritime pictures and great bodies" (BILD Frankfurt)
„An aesthetic journey around the globe“ (hamburg.de)
„Unique images of the beauty of the sea“ (Hamburg magazine)
„Sea and eroticism in the Sandtorhafen“ (Elbe Wochenblatt)
„The mermaid from the Port City“ (BILD Hamburg)
„Fascinating scenes of the sea and sensual sirens“ (Hamburger Wochenblatt)
„These women are real mermaids“ (Hamburger Morgenpost)
„Sensuality and eroticism in the roar of the waves“ (PRINZ Hamburg)
„The power of the ocean and the magic of the sirens“ (The Dubrovnik Times)
„Contemporary photography on a high aesthetic level“ (Wiener Zeitung)
„Water titillation“ (Max)
„Erotically woman in clothes of foaming water“ (Arcor magazine)
„The exhibition combined the energy of the water with the aesthetic of beautiful bodys“ (Südthüringer Zeitung)
„Pictures full of energy and vitality“ (Novi List)
„The irrepressible power of the oceans“ (Freies Wort)
„The fascination of beauty“ (Fotozine)
„A feast to the senses“ (Ostthüringer Zeitung)
„One man’s dream“ (Culturenet)