Power and aesthetics

Open your Senses to the Magic
of the Sea and the Sirens

About 800 B.C., the Greek poet Homer tells us how King Odysseus from Ithaka is allured by sirens during his 10-year voyage. Ever since we have known about the persuasiveness of beautiful women along the coasts of the seas. Once living around the Mediterranean Sea, the sirens have spread over the whole globe. We now find them on the coasts of all seas and oceans where seafarers steer their ships.

The power of the ocean and the erotic vibrancy of a woman wearing not much more than a dress of foaming water exert a timeless fascination; and not only for seafarers. Even today we still live in temptation of succumbing to this allure.

All the photographs in SEA & SIRENS are authentic pictures. In each, the spirit of the moment is captured down to the last detail - just as the photographer saw it through the lens of his camera.

The Power of the Ocean
The pictures for SEA & SIRENS are the result of a 10-year photo odyssey over the following seas: Adriatic Sea, Aegean, Tyrrhenian Sea, Mediterranean Sea, Baltic Sea, Atlantic Ocean, Caribbean, Gulf of California, Pacific Ocean.
Thousands of miles have the models travelled to the coasts of oceans afar, devoting themselves to the sea at exotic beaches and rugged cliffs. Sensuality and eroticism were found in the crashing waves and in the spume of the surf.